How Long Does a Right to Work Check Take? An Expert's Guide

When it comes to hiring new employees, it is essential for employers to carry out a right to work check. This process is designed to ensure that the candidate is legally authorized to work in the country and that the employer is not responsible for employing illegal workers. The duration of a right to work check may vary depending on the individual's specific circumstances and the method used to carry out the control. The first step in the process is to ask the applicant for their original documents.

It is no longer acceptable to accept green cards or biometric permits, so employers must ask for a participation code instead. It is important to ensure that all of the necessary controls are in place in order to protect both the agency and its clients from any potential penalties. Once the documents have been collected, employers must make sure that they are authentic and make a clear and legible copy of them. The date of verification should also be recorded, and any follow-up checks should be carried out if necessary. In order to verify a candidate's right to work, employers must review their documents such as their passport, driver's license, and other legal documentation.

This process is designed to ensure that both the employer and employee comply with laws when hiring. Recruitment agencies can either perform the checks themselves or use an external provider to do so. It is important for employers to understand that verifying the right to work should be part of any company's pre-hiring evaluation, as it is an essential part of understanding the candidate and determining if it is safe to hire them in your company. By carrying out the necessary controls on the right to work, employers can have peace of mind knowing that their candidates are legally authorized to work. With globalization and the growing number of workers around the world, it is essential for employers to ensure that their company is protected by carrying out these checks.

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